Twenty-Third Annual Report to the Prime Minister on the Public Service of Canada

Photo of Michael Wernick, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet & the following quote: 'There are lots of reasons to be confident about the country, its place in the world and the future of the public service.'

Table of Contents

  1. 01 Letter from the Clerk to the Prime Minister
  2. 02 Efforts of the past year
  3. 03 Progress against priorities
  4. 04 Conclusion
  5. 05 Annex A: By the Numbers - A Demographic Profile of the Federal Public Service for 2015
  6. 06 Annex B: Report of the Prime Minister’s Advisory Committee on the Public Service

Report Highlights

Our operations
Every day in Canada’s Public Service, we modernize. We improve. We make changes in how we work. And we do this so we can meet the Government’s and Canadians’ expectations. Read more...

Employee at an airport terminal manning a luggage security screening checkpoint

Service to canadians
Service to Canadians is dramatically different than it was even two years ago. Citizens want us to serve them in a way that makes sense to them. They want more frequent and meaningful communication with government. Read more...

Passport officer providing service to a woman and two children

Progress Against Priorities

Respectful Workplaces with a Focus on Mental Health

We are the largest employer in Canada. Our employees need to work in a healthy, compassionate environment that embraces differences. This is the right thing to do for ourselves and for all Canadians, who expect us to act responsibly.

Visual from the video: It’s okay to be afraid: Don’t hold it in

Speaking about Depression
ESDC employee Sue Spooner speaks about her story of struggle and resilience with mental illness. She helps break the silence on this important topic.

“It’s ok to be afraid and it’s ok to talk about it. Don’t hold it in.”

Photo of Joint Task Force members with the report

Joint Task Force
In March 2015, the Government and the Public Service Alliance of Canada established a Joint Task Force to address mental health in the workplace. Their December 2015 report included 15 recommendations.


A generational change is underway in the Public Service. We need to find, hire, onboard and develop more young talent. We need people who have the right skills, energy, values and passion for public service. We will step up the pace in the coming year to recruit for the future.

Indigenous student hired through the Federal Student Work Experience Program

Indigenous Student Recruitment
Dynamic recruiting tools are successfully being used to attract and retain indigenous students. A Quebec regional office for Indigenous and Northern Affairs hired 47% more Aboriginal students in 2015.

Logo for the New Direction in Staffing, featuring a stylized gear visual

New Direction in Staffing
Moving from 12 policies to one while preserving the principles of merit and non-partisanship.

Reinforcing the Policy Community

The Public Service must continue to give evidence-based advice. It must continue to reach out to other sectors, developing initiatives that can be implemented and outcomes that can be measured. It will make its policy function even more collaborative, connected and open, and even better equipped to address the broad and multi-faceted issues facing Canada.

Logo: The Innovation Hub

Central Innovation Hub
The Central Innovation Hub has shown results through their ambitious plan to set up a lean, high-performing organization that would enable and encourage policy innovation through new tools and approaches to solve policy challenges.

Behavioural Economics for the Public Sector

Behavioural Economics for the Public Sector
Consistent with the objective of developing evidence-based policy, the Behavioural Economics for the Public Sector conference brought together public servants from all levels of government, public sector practitioners, and academics to develop capacity in experimentation and behavioural economics, and to share insights on how these tools may be incorporated into public policy.