How we help


As Head of the Public Service, I am very proud of the work we do on behalf of Canadians.  Here are some examples of what we do for you:

  • We provide important services to Canadians across the country -- from old age security and employment insurance benefits, to passports and protecting Canada’s sovereignty, from providing humanitarian assistance to countries like Haiti, to helping Canadian families save for higher education.
  • We enforce rules that keep Canadians safe and healthy including food and drug safety and laws to protect the environment.
  • We also protect Canadians from threats. Every day thousands of Canadian public servants combat crime, fight terrorism at home and abroad, secure our borders and rescue Canadians in trouble on land or at sea.
  • We work on major issues affecting all Canadians including the economy, trade, energy, and security.
  • We undertake and support research and development to help scientists and entrepreneurs push the boundaries of science and improve the lives of Canadians.
  • We help the Government manage Canada’s relations with the world and promote the country’s national interests around the globe.

We do all this and much more -- in keeping with the direction of the government of the day, and in close consultation with other governments, public and private interests, as well as individual Canadians.

We do this because we recognize that public service is an admirable profession. We have been entrusted with the faith of Canadians and we take our responsibilities very seriously. Thus, we adhere to a strong code of values and ethics (TBS), which aims to maintain and enhance public confidence in the integrity of the public service, and strengthen respect for and appreciation of the work we do for all Canadians.